1Can i speak with someone ?
Of course, that’s no problem! We would be happy to assist you in the way that best suits your lifestyle. Our wonderfully dedicated and knowledgeable account representatives are available by telephone from 7-4 PST, or you can live chat with a rep. through our website. You can e-mail us as well and we guarantee you'll receive a timely response.
2How long have you been in business ?
We have been incorporated since 1995.
3Can i place the order over phone ?
Of course! Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in placing orders. We can be reached by phone 24x7, 9-8 IST.
4Where is your office ?
Jumpking , A93, Beary's lakeside habitat, Shantivana, Sanjeevani nagar, Bangalore, 560092
5Which Payment Modes you accept ?
We accept Credit cards, debit cards, Bank Transfer, Cash on delivery, Cash, NEFT, Paypal, western union.
6Do you provide only spare parts ?
We supply our spare parts only to our esteemed customers.
7How old should my kids be before getting them a trampoline?
The manufacturer and the Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends that No child under 6 years of age should use a human slingshot. Always supervise the ride while using it.
8What is the life span of bungee cords ?
The life span of the bungee cords depends on the weather, humidity and number of rides. In normal use and normal weather life span is 400 - 700 rides. We use 12 mm latex bungee cords with nylon sleeve, 6 cords each side.
9What is the Size of the Poles and slingshot ride ?
We recommend 60 feet pole height and 60 feet width between them for safe ride and for more targeted audience. You can also go for 80 feet but the targeted audience will be not more.
10How to install the Human Slingshot ?
In India we do the full setup at your premises. But for other countries we provide you pdf specification and step by step installation video after you order with us.
11How long before I receive my Slingshot after ordering?
Your order may arrive sooner, but, Please allow 7-10 working days or longer for delivery